SaaS from Scratch

Build a SaaS Company From Scratch

Quick question, have you ever tried to launch a product or create a business without having any real following or voice in the space, but you did it anyways because you’re hoping you might get lucky? Sounds silly right?

Well, my name is Tanner Lueders and I am one of those people. I recently built a product,, that provides analytics to social media influencers in hopes of helping them connect with brands that need influencer marketing. The problem is, I have no one to tell that this product exists.

So… here I am at rock bottom, with no following or voice. I was feeling afraid and like I made a poor decision, but instead of giving up and deciding this was a waste of time, I chose this was an opportunity to learn and share any knowledge I might learn on the way. I am going to document my journey on building an audience specifically for my product,

My goal is to:

  • Document any tips or tricks on what I’ve learned
  • Provide updates on how much I’ve grown my audience
  • Share any tools or products I’ve used to help this process

My goal is to post weekly updates on how my experience is going! If you’d like to learn from my mistakes, and figure out how you can boost ahead of someone like me, I encourage you to signup for updates below!